About Us

We are a team of graphic designers and Internet marketing experts who want to share our knowledge with the world.

In 2004 Andreas Deligeorge founded Omnivision Design, a sister company of graphicdesignmontreal.ca. Omnivisiondesign.com’s main focus started with design and evolved into SEO and Internet marketing. Since that time Omnivision Design has created partnerships with numerous experts in various fields such as web development, graphic design, ecommerce, social media, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click and many other areas. With the help of these partnerships, Omnivision Design has been able to provide services and expertise for all facets of the web.

Later on, Omnivision Design observed that there was too much emphasis in the web community on Internet Marketing and not enough emphasis on the fundamentals of web design, graphic design and conversion optimization. Omnivision Design saw this as an opportunity to create a site dedicated to the aesthetics of web development.

In 2011, Andreas Deligeorge and long time friend Emran Rashid founded graphicdesignmontreal.ca.