Graphic Design Cover Letter

We have had numerous requests for help on academic subjects and post-graduate assistance, in order to help Montreal graphic designers find work, and successfully prepare their portfolios for various competitive arts and multimedia programs. coloured pencils Below you will find a letter of intent that allowed one of our own employees to enter a University-level arts program at Concordia University. We have titled this document “Graphic Design Cover Letter” to help the many struggling graphic artists and creative designers locate this document, and successfully enter their first program of choice. It is completely unedited, meaning it has not been at all modified from its original version. Enjoy the read! Comments and feedback are most welcome. Forward this article to your friends and colleagues, and remember to bookmark it. Also feel free to subscribe to our feed for more frequent updates, tips and tricks, and graphic design industry news items. Read the arts program cover letter below for a real life example of what has worked for a once aspiring and now successful multimedia and web designer.

I would like to major in Communications Studies because I see this as an opportunity to enhance my creative abilities. I would like to learn script writing and take courses that will complement my design skills such as film production, sound design and creative writing. I am particularly eager to learn about the film production process and the various tasks that are required to produce an advertisement for television, print and the web. I expect this will broaden my education and hope to be very versatile in today’s shifting job market.

I have always derived great satisfaction when working with the public, particularly in planning events and watching them successfully unfold. I have worked as a park supervisor in the recreation department of Côte St-Luc since the summer of 1998. Eventually, I gained seniority and became responsible for training new employees and scheduling their shifts. I also helped publicize and set up several art exhibits.

By age thirteen, I was using a very basic animation program to create scenarios by manipulating existing characters in three dimensional environments. I would also indulge in activities such as playing video games, painting miniatures and occasionally, sculpting. Over time, my visual awareness developed and I began sketching objects, varying the perspective.
I later attended a High School specializing in math and science where I did well and was given a math award. Shortly after graduation, I was fortunate enough to visit Egypt where advertising is not ubiquitous. As a result, I developed an interest in the media. I also became fascinated with jazz and classical music and began taking piano lessons.

After graduation, I was accepted into the Illustration & Design program at Dawson College. I enjoyed working with a group of highly motivated and talented designers in an efficient working area and was amazed by the amount of support offered by our teachers. Throughout the program we focused on advertising and the media. I liked participating in the preparation for our exhibition where we did fundraising, promotion and location design.

I took part in a fundraising event organized by Dawson College, “Artists in Bloom 2003”, where paintings were created spontaneously and then auctioned off to raise money for cancer research. I have done various kinds of volunteer work throughout the years including canvassing for the telethon of stars and raising money for the Fraser- Hickson Library by producing caricatures.

Throughout my recent contracts, including sketches and concepts for a real-estate related business plan and work for Air Canada’s EnRoute magazine, I have managed to make my clients’ visions tangible. I also formed a private design workshop allowing grade 11 High School students to prepare their drawing skills and portfolios for Cegep. Since Early February, I have been conducting a similar workshop for students applying to Cegep and University.

I am currently studying web design at Concordia University, look forward to interactive work on the web and learning about film editing. I enjoy working as part of a team and am currently working on a business plan for a design company with a colleague, among other projects. Ultimately, I aspire to the position of creative director of my own company. I would like to work in the advertising and film industries, ideally working on the production of television commercials. I have 3 years of technical training, teaching experience and have done work freelance. I am proficient using a range of design software and I am interested in creating music digitally.

During the summer of 2004 I took an office software course at Concordia called INTE 290. That gave me a glimpse of the full potential of that medium. My performance led me to become a teaching assistant for that course, a Microsoft Office course (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint). Throughout my stay at Dawson, I thrived on new challenges and I look forward to a similar kind of stimulation in Communications.

At this point, you should have a great idea on how to successfully put together your graphic design cover letter, and you should have no problem entering your program of first choice. The team here at Graphic Design Montreal wishes you good luck!