Hire Graphic Designer – Everyone Needs a Good Graphic Designer

The great divide between those who just surf the web and those who create the web

Do you remember the first time you had a great business idea? Or maybe it wasn’t a business idea, maybe it was just an idea. If you know nothing about graphic design, web design, SEO, ecommerce, or anything of that nature, your thought process probably went something like this…

“I’ve got a really cool idea”

“OK how do I get started? Simple, I just need to create a website to sell my idea to the masses”

At this point you did one of two things, you either tried to find someone who could execute your web strategy or you went through the pain and agony of trying to get a website running by yourself.Graphic Design

Anyone who has tried to create a website on their own understands just how painful and time consuming of an experience it can be! If you took this route, you might have come up with following questions?

Where is the best place to register a domain?

If the .com domain that I wanted is not available, which alternative should I choose and why? Should I go with a .net, .co, or the local web suffix for my country?

Should I invest my time and energy to learn HTML or PHP to create my website?

What if my website doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal that I had initially intended, should I learn tools like Photoshop or flash? ( hire graphic designer continued…)