Visual Graphic Design Layout – Object Framing

Visual Layout – Facilitating Visual Closure

graphic design owlWhen working as a graphic designer, it is important to organize and frame content so objects can easily be grouped visually based on their geometric shapes or patterns. Psychological closure allows us to mentally fill in all the gaps for information we are unable to see. We cannot see any object from 360 angles at once, yet are able to identify most objects from any angle. This phenomenon enables us to perform well in our environment, even given our visual constraints/limitations. We tend to break things down into their simplest forms, like shapes (squares and triangles). Strong diagonals often result in perceiving triangular shapes. In ordered to establish your framing, you can always look for certain shapes, images, angles, patterns and other features in order to get graphic closure.

For example, on a particular work of art, the rocks to the left of the screen are simply a few properly positions splotches of paint. However, they create a convincing image due to their clever positioning.

Visual Layout – Graphic Cues

Graphic Design RocksIf only a portion of the subject matter is on screen, the picture or other visual graphic design element must be framed so the audience can imagine an entire object. The vectors (graphic, index and motion) should expand easily into the off-screen environment. Shots that contain figures which are cut-off must contain enough information for viewers to recognize the whole.

Observe how the rocks to the left of the screen are still recognizable as rocks, even though we are only shown a small portion of the stack of rocks. If we cropped the image any closer, we may not be able to tell that these are rocks.

Visual Layout – Natural Dividing Lines for Best Composition

In the same respect, if an image is cut off at any of the “natural dividing lines”, it could appear closed prematurely. Never align these natural dividing lines to the upper or lower edge of the frame. If the natural dividing lines appear outside or within the frame, it cues the audience to apply closure to the whole shape. People and Objects have natural dividing lines. Buildings natural dividing lines are the sides of the building.

Imagine that all natural dividing lines are included in the frame for the best graphic design layout results.