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Graphic Design Company Montreal

  • Graphic Designer

    Andreas Deligeorge - Graphic Designer, Internet Marketing Strategy

    This guy is one of the founders of Graphic Design Montreal, our Montreal Graphic Design Company. He sends so many emails, he decided to get a marketing and communications degree from Concordia University, and has a variety of experience working in search engine optimization, online payment processing, and affiliate marketing. His former experience working as a freelance graphic designer is very helpful in understanding client objectives, and preparing a detailed plan of action, so your frown will be turned upside down. He spends most of his time understanding client objectives, and equips clients with a qualified team of expert web designers. He also enjoys playing the piano, soccer on weekends, working out at the gym, throwing water balloons at competing graphic design firms, and rollerblading for the very few summer months that exist in Montreal ...
  • Web Designer

    Emran Rashid - Senior Web Designer, Project Manager

    We are completly lost on what he's responsible for, because this brainy engineer and seasoned business analyst works around the clock and somehow always manages to attend meetings with our clients even though he is supposed to simply manage our web design company and reliable web development team. He is a huge asset when it comes to usability, and if your end users or target audience are not currently getting the most out of your marketing materials, your website or other printed materials, he will make sure that they can navigate and use your materials effectively. When it comes to anything technical or web-related, this is your man, and he has been able to find a solution to every single problem that has been thrown his way. That sums up why he is one of the senior project managers at our graphic design company! ...
  • Social Media Expert

    Steve Deligeorge - Social Media Expert, Account Manager

    This guy is a natural creative. Social Steve is a driving force in our graphic design company and currently manages a Facebook fan page of over 50,000 users. He is really chatty and goes on rants all the time so don't be shy to tell him to can it. He is a marketing guru, and is well-connected in the hip-hop and skateboarding communities. He has introduced many firms to Graphic Design Montreal's services, and our graphic design agency is extremely grateful for this. We value our clients and engage in nothing other than legitimate business practices and whitehat SEO techniques. Steve's activities of choice include, skateboarding, chatting about professional relationships, and creating improvisational music. What more could a graphic design company ask for from one of its creatives? ...