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Logo Design is one of the first steps in developing your positioning strategy, and branding your company, one of the most critical stages that every startup must go through. The way a logo designer will brand and position your company can definitely make or break your business, and is one of the most important and initial phases of your overall marketing strategy. The first logo that you develop with one or more logo designers will most likely not be the last one you ever create. In fact, it will likely evolve throughout the years, depending on trends and styles. For example, Telus and Fido began setting a new trend contrasting very shiny and neon colors, and very rich textures from fish and animals, with a ton of white space in the background. Many other advertisers began to follow suit. Although, the king of contrasting sharp colors with white space, is Google. And believe me folks, Google knows what they are doing.

Once you are ready to create the first draft of your upcoming logo design, and you would like to have a clear vision of what your company is all about and where it is going, you should consult one of our talented marketing experts and graphic designers for a complete solution.